HR Analytics

Valuable insight for decision making into organization and people.

“HR analytics is about the different ways that we capture, measure and organize information to create valuable insights for an organization.”

Human Resource analytics or people analytics or workforce analytics or Talent analytics refers to similar set of data. HR analytics provides with valuable insights, comparable, broad coverage, in-depth research on important measurements of human development. Majorly valuable insights for decision making for organization and people.

Most often, this data is leveraged to establish a benchmark, make observations and draw conclusions, implement a change and monitor results.

Why do HR Analytics?

In order to remain successful and competitive, all businesses and organizations must be capable of changing, growing, and evolving to meet the new challenges and realities that they face. This is true for every department within an organization, including human resources. HR analytics can be leveraged in order to create an iterative framework for making these necessary refinements as they become apparent.
As a discipline, HR analytics is generally used to understand and address specific challenges that an organization’s human resources department is facing—for example, to answer questions like why there has been a sudden spike in employees who quit after their two-year anniversary, or why the quality of applications has fallen in recent months. 

Our Approach

In order to Mavenwise consulting has the expertise to conduct studies and perform HR Analytics. Mavenwise has developed Standard tools with the help of research data, statistics and technology which enables systematic computational analysis of data or statistics.
It is used for the discovery, interpretation, and communication of meaningful patterns in data. It also entails applying data patterns towards effective decision-making. The Employee Effectiveness Study and Organization Diagnostic Study are the two tools in which we have our competences.

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