Diagnostic Study for Organization

Diagnostic is a cyclical process that involves data gathering, interpretations and identification of problem areas and possible action program.

To be successful, organization must have flexibility and the ability for rapid transformation. The organization moves along a well-worn path and often problems are concealed or hidden by other factors. The identification of areas for improvement and problems is an important element in developing a high-performance organization. In any change program, you must know where you are before you can chart a course for where you want to be.

Organization diagnostic rigorously analyzes the data on the structure, administration, interactions, procedures, interfaces and other essential elements of the client system. The diagnosis serves as a basis for structural, behavioral or technical interventions to improve organizational performance. Diagnosing a problem requires a systematic approach throughout the process. Diagnosis is a process that helps organizations improve their capacity to assess and change inefficient patterns of behavior as a basis for developing greater effectiveness and ensuring continuous improvement.

Our Approach

In today's competitive business environment, companies are under pressure to evolve or risk becoming extinct. But it isn't easy to break the habits of a lifetime. Many companies fear change because it’s complicated, risky or potentially expensive and this can be one of the biggest barriers to growth.

Mavenwise consulting can help through this gridlock. We assist companies discover more effective and efficient ways of doing things and guide them through periods of transition.

Our role ranging from big-picture conceptualizing to detailed operational planning and staff training. This includes:

  • Collecting data on the company's current performance.

  • Running diagnostic tests.

  • Measuring performance against industry benchmarks.

  • Figuring out organizational needs and bottlenecks.

  • Developing improvement plans.

  • Ensuring the linkage of programs to company goals.

  • Working with leaders and department heads to solve specific problems.

  • Building the organization's stock of human capital through staff development programs.

  • Providing specialized industry knowledge gained from previous clients and projects

  • Engaging in change management exercises with employees.

  • Creating and managing budgets.

  • Getting senior leadership to buy into the change initiative.

Our consulting experts ensures that the complete intervention is rightly executed so as to make clients business healthier, more profitable and better equipped to face current and future challenges. The solutions for achieving these outcomes can take many forms, including changes to policies, hierarchies, reporting structures, leadership, controls, job descriptions and staffing levels.

The overriding focus is to make the business more efficient in competitive markets so it can keep up with ever-changing customer, technological and regulatory demands.

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