Development of Organization fit Leadership Pipeline.

Succession planning can be defined as the process of identifying critical roles in a company and the core skills associated with those roles and then identifying possible internal candidates to assume those jobs when the incumbents leave.

The success of an organization depends on the continued quality of its leadership, which is why most CEOs and boards consider succession planning a top priority. Even when a company has strong talent in its leadership pipeline, it may not have the right people to fill executive roles or keen insights into the best candidates for key positions.

Our Approach

Mavenwise Consulting assist the Management & HR to establish right Succession Management Process in the Organization and handhold for effective results. The goals of succession planning are to ensure that an organization has the leaders capable of managing the business, and to provide a structure for development that is responsive to the changing nature of the business strategy.

We assist clients to implement a succession planning strategy by building Talent pool strength and ensuring the right people are in place to meet future needs and challenges.

Identify critical roles – support the management to identify critical roles & core competencies associated with the roles, knowledge and Business acumen, performance expectation.

Audit - Incumbents inline to the requirement of critical roles are selected by conducting a thorough audit of the current leadership team and potential future successors.

Assessments - The identified incumbents are put for an assessment and further shortlisted. Organizations should ideally have two or three candidates ready for every position in a pool; if not, they need to consider hiring from the outside.

Talent Pool - As many of these jobs share knowledge, skills, and business acumen requirements as well as key leadership competencies, they can be grouped into pools based on their similarities. Pooling positions allows organizations to provide multiple potential opportunities for successor candidates. Talented individuals also see more potential opportunities for career development.

Development & Smooth Transition - Mavenwise assist clients to identify learning opportunities for development of high potential talents. Closely work with the organization to identify assignments for the high potentials and provide coaching assistances. Also help for smooth transit seamlessly into their new role.


Our consulting support is vital as we enable the organizations for making succession process result oriented. It not only supports to identify and develop Talent pool but also improves employee commitment and retention, meet the career development expectations of existing employees and also counter the increasing difficulty and costs of recruiting employees externally.

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