Organization specific Technical skill development Modules for building an ability to perform Job roles efficiently

The core Technical competencies of the organizations are the specific knowledge, skills and abilities that are applied for accomplishing a specific task, job or function. From an individual’s point of view, it describes what he or she is to do.

Our Approach

Mavenwise consulting offer the clients expertise to build core technical ability of the organization by partnering for designing the technical competency framework based on the data collected through combination of various internal and external approaches.

The technical competency framework set standard with proficiency level for each Job role in the organization.

Our experts develop the Technical Training modules for the technical competency development which can serve as a reference to do the job efficiently.

We provide our expertise to deliver training your way, with the convenience and independence you want — and the support you need. Comprehensive intervention ensures to have strong foundation.


Comprehensive intervention driven Technical Skill talent development is when experience — carefully designed and executed — becomes the core driver of learning in the organization. Working and learning are bound together, aligned for the final output.

A well-trained employee usually shows greater productivity and higher quality of work-output than an untrained employee. Training increases the skills of the employees in the performance of a particular job.

An increase in the skills usually helps to increase both quantity and quality of output.

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