Administration and execution of an Organization’s strategic plan.

“Organization Design and Structure.” is like a foundation of the organization. A strong foundation and a basic structure are critical to making an organization strong. Moreover, foundation and design are inter-related to each other. The ‘Organizational Structure’ demonstrates different roles, hierarchy levels and terms and conditions in an organization. ‘Organizational restructuring’ encompasses restructuring and de-structuring roles, hierarchy level, terms, and conditions as per business or organizational needs.

In simpler terms, “Organizational Redesign” refers to defining, designing, and re-structuring organizational structure. The very process of organizational design is aimed at finding any type of defective or dysfunctional elements related to an organization’s system, organization structure, process, and work culture. Identification of these elements leads to their rectification so that they can better fulfil an organization’s objective.

The organizational design represents the dynamic view of an organization. It is more of processes and methods which help in organizational structuring and restructuring for smooth and effective functioning. It is also based on change management whereby the organizational demands change their structure and functioning to meet needs for technological advancements, market factors, meeting regulations, customer needs and expectations, etc. With the help of the organizational design, weaker systems of an organization can be identified and corrective steps can be taken to strengthen them.

Our Approach

Mavenwise consulting takes up the Organization diagnostic study to evaluate the current status and engages with the Organizations to redesign and handhold in implementation. The task of implementing organizational re-design is a bit challenging as it requires changes throughout the organization. Lots of things are re-arranged i.e. types of equipment, facilities, etc. Training is provided to the employees including the top management for new design and skills in demand. There is a change in different systems like PMS, rewards & recognition, MIS, decision-making process, etc. A well-designed organizational structure not only defines functions, hierarchy, roles and responsibilities but also the alignment of organizational goals of teams and individuals.


Mavenwise engagement for Organization Design to restructure and de-structure enables to rebuild organizational structure to bring in great improvement in terms of quality, customer satisfaction and improved customer service, less turnover and absenteeism of employees, increase in productivity, etc. The engagement supports the organization to have the most suitable Organization structure enabling towards strong work environment for maximum efficiency level

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