Performance Management tool towards Continuous Improvement.

Performance Management should be about Performance Excellence. The primary objective is focus on setting clear expectation, check into how employees are doing, offer guidance and suggestions, prevent employees from failing, addressing the developing needs, structured feedback, coaching, reward and recognition to employees.

Our Approach

Mavenwise consulting assist clients to relook into performance management to build a robust development process and standards which will enable the organizations to achieve its goal effectively through employee motivation. We support the organizations for setting clear performance expectation, coaching Managers for constructive conversations, dashboards to monitor performance, employee development process and instituting reward mechanism.


We assist clients to build integrated performance planning, performance coaching and performance appraisal cycle. By having a robust Performance Management, the discrepancy between the actual performance and the desired performance is addressed in a constructive method. Furthermore, it benefits direct financial gain, motivated employees and improved management control to achieve continuous improvement.

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