Documents to explain each Job Role and clarifies in most appropriate form.

Role profiles are documents that have the most important responsibilities, activities, tasks, performance outcome, competencies and challenges of a role on a single document. The document is in line to the Organization Design and useful for employees, managers and HR.

Our Approach

Our consulting takes up systematic study with the support of the organization to understand and list down all the tasks, activities and performance outcome in a most methodical form. Based on the data and our techniques the Job Role documents are developed. The Job Role document is aligned to the Organization Design, Competency Model and Key Performance Indicators. Role profiles provide essential information about each role, its relationship to other roles and how it connects to the organization’s strategy and goals. It provides employee with clear view to future career opportunities, one of the tools to the Managers for assessment on employee performance & development discussions and support the HR Functions in its all key processes.


Mavenwise role profiles help drive employee effectiveness by clarifying what’s most significant about a role and how specifically to perform it most effectively. Role profiles form the basis of key talent management applications — from recruiting and onboarding to development and succession planning. Furthermore, role profiles provide a productive framework for performance appraisal and development conversations, and they connect to key elements of HRIS systems and applications.

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