Contract to Hire

Contract to hire means a job that is offered as a short-term role but has the opportunity to turn into a permanent, full time job when the contract ends. Also known as "temp to hire", contract-to-hire positions positions typically last from around three months up to one years, though some contract-to-hire jobs may last for two years. Contract to hire is a short-term job that allows both parties to try out a role before committing to full-time employment. These agreements typically set out the length of time the contractor will work for the employer. At the end of this trial period, the employer can decide whether to hire the employee as a full-time employee with benefits.

Our Approach

We play the role of the staffing agency by providing our clients with talent for short-term roles and trial period. We ensure mutual support to both clients and W2- employee to meet the end results.

Contract-to-hire jobs are neither permanent, regular roles nor freelance gigs. They are also not independent contractor positions. Instead, contract-to-hire jobs are W-2 positions.


Mavenwise will support the companies to hire for temporary period to test the capabilities of the W2 employee and at the end of the period take a decision for permanent employment. At the same time provide an opportunity to a W2 employee to proof his capabilities during temporary period for permanent employment..

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