Adapting the most suitable Talent Acquisition strategy to handle competition in Talent market.

Talent acquisition is a strategy that focuses on finding, attracting, hiring, growing and retaining top talents to get growth and be competitive. Talent Acquisition is so important nowadays and one word to it is Competition. Talent acquisition is a process based on a longer-horizon vision to staffing. Its long-term objective is to seek the most talented employees who not only can be the right fit but also have the drive initiative and potential to contribute to the company’s competitiveness and long-term future.

Our Approach

Always the bright candidates get attached to the big brands. Mavenwise consulting support organizations to develop a Talent acquisition strategy to have the right people lined up to fit open positions, either now, or in the future. We take up diagnostic study to build the most suitable Talent Acquisition strategy fit right to the organization. As successful talent acquisition strategies do not use a “one size fits all” approach. It differs depending on many factors, including the type of industry, company size, brand name, budgetary constraints, employment opportunities and competitor pressure. The strategy will be different for each organization. However, the size of a company is often a key determinant of the TA strategy one pursues.

The Talent Acquisition strategy provides recommendations:

  • To improve the talent acquisition process or establish one if not in place which will focus on building Talent Pipelines, building strong Employer Brand, Talent Relationship Management and Recruitment.

  • The right mix of Talent acquisition methods.

  • To define the Talent acquisition metrics to measure how well the strategy is working?

The elaborated exercise will help the organization to strategies the right practice to attach, hire and retain the best talent either internally or externally within the set limits.

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