Building Standards for High Performers

Competency Model is the defined set of demonstrable characteristics conferring knowledge, skill and attributes which manifest as observable behaviors that enable and improve the efficiency or performance of a job by differentiating between average and outstanding Performance. Mavenwise conducts competency modeling and assessments for identifying technical, functional, Personal and role specific competencies to help the organization build an edge.

Our Approach

We assist the clients to identify critical competencies in the framework of the organization’s business strategy, challenges, values and culture. We identify the competencies based on the data collected through combination of various approaches like discussions with Managers at all levels of the hierarchy, Repertory Grid Interviews at all levels, Performance data analysis, Analysis of the business context, Cognitive Testing, Inputs from Theoretical frameworks, technical frameworks, workshops with subject experts and identified internal team. Our data gathering techniques uncover the deeper motives, traits, skills and behaviors necessary for superior performance in a job or role.


These competency models are marked as “standard” for measuring the proficiency level of employees defined for the organization context is unique and based entirely on the organization need. The competency model guide’s resourcing, hiring, assessment, succession planning and employee development by defining the essential differences between superior and average performance in key roles.

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