Future fit Leadership Assessment Model

A Talent review is a constructive conversation with Talent, where company leaders discuss employee performance and how employees fit into future positions. The leaders need to determine the critical positions and evaluate whether the identified Talent can fill the position. A talent review is different than an employee performance review. During a performance review, managers discuss performance with an employee. But during a talent review, business leaders consider performance, potential and the business’s future. A talent review is something that a business does internally but too often this view is based on limited information and a talent review process that allows subjective judgments and recent events to override a more objective look at experience, past performance and future capability. Here Consulting play a role to develop a program to help organizations to do it. The traditional talent review “9-box” grid, which sorts people into high, medium and low categories of performance and potential, is a rough tool that misses many finer points related to capability and motivation.

Our Approach

We assist clients to identify the parameters for the identified critical roles, functional knowledge, Business, critical skills, experience, leadership competency and personal characteristics including performance history. Guidelines to the Leaders through talent assessment process objectively towards predicting future performance and potential. Our way of leadership assessment is comprehensive, assessing both organization strength as well as most important capability parameters for the future.

We create “Program for Talent Excellence” defining the high-performance standards for future focused competency profiles for critical roles and assessment tool for assessing job incumbents. Profiles include the critical skills, knowledge, behavioral competencies and personal characteristics that drive top performance. Training to the HR Managers and the Leadership for constructive conversation with the incumbent.


Our “Program for Talent Excellence” supports the organization to have efficient Talent review process that supports the HR and Business leaders in identifying their top talent and decision making. When implemented properly, it provides invaluable benefits to the organization in terms of cultivating growth, building successors, retaining talent and identity future leaders and innovators.

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