Leadership Assessment to reveal the strengths, gaps and risk factors of incumbents for critical and management positions.

Why is it important to do Leadership Assessment?

The success of an organization depends on placing the right people into the important leadership roles and having a pipeline of talent to fill those roles in the future. One of the most critical challenges for any organization is predicting whether a leader will be effective in a significant new role with greater responsibility and complexity.

A comprehensive effectiveness assessment process plays an important role in predicting success and failure risk. When properly designed and executed, it can counteract errors introduced by subjective judgments based on reputation, limited interactions and secondary observations. It probes beneath qualifications and experience to reveal the critical but hidden factors leading to hiring, promotion, or succession.

Our Approach

Mavenwise Leadership assessment is a comprehensive view of the capabilities, readiness and potential of incumbents for critical and management positions. We have customized well tested assessment tool which includes psychometric instruments, behavior interviews, group exercises, presentations and the examination is done by Experts. Assessment is a process where candidates are examined to determine their suitability for critical and management position.

We take a customized approach as no two organizations are alike. Our process takes business strategy, challenges and organizational culture into account when identifying the key competencies – behaviors, characteristics, and personality – as the basis for assessment.

Mavenwise Assessment tool provides a wide-ranging, multidimensional view of intellectual, interpersonal, and motivational characteristics that support success, as well as the failure factors that can cause a leader to fail.

Our evaluations are delivered in detailed, in-depth reports, written in clear business language, that summarize each individual’s strengths, limitations, areas of concern, and potential.


Our assessment tool is independent and whole-person evaluations. The assessment process reveals the capabilities, risk factors, and long-term potential of current and aspiring leaders. It also helps to assess candidate fit for key roles and has played a critical part in successful senior-level hiring decisions and smooth leadership transitions.

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